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Nestled within the heart of the vibrant Olathe, KS community, our brushes, and colors come to life, painting more than just walls. DC Painting KC paints the dreams and aspirations of homeowners and business owners. We transform every space into your vision with every stroke of our brushes. 

From the warmth of interior walls to the captivating allure of exterior facades, our professional house and commercial painters breathe life into your spaces. We are artisans of color, architects of ambiance, and, most importantly, your trusted partners in turning your visions into stunning realities.

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White exterior house painting with black accents


The vibrant spirit is reflected in its homes. Our mission as exterior house painters in Olathe, KS, is to enhance that spirit. We understand that your home’s exterior is its face to the world. Our meticulous craftsmanship and artistic prowess ensure your home stands out amidst the Olathe landscape. 

Whether you seek to revitalize the classic charm of a historic residence or add a modern twist to a contemporary abode, our expertise in exterior residential painting makes the transformation seamless, preserving the essence of your home while elevating its curb appeal.


Inside the four walls of your home lies a world of possibilities. Our interior house painters in Olathe, KS, are committed to turning those possibilities into realities. We understand that every room has its own story, and we are here to help you tell it through color, texture, and style. 

From soothing pastels to bold statement hues, we provide an artistic touch that goes beyond paint. It’s about creating an atmosphere that resonates with your lifestyle and personality. Let your interiors become a canvas, and we shall be your painters of dreams.

Trust Only The Best Painting Services in Olathe, KS

In the heart of Olathe, KS, where the sunsets are mesmerizing and the landscapes are picturesque, we offer more than just painting services; we promise excellence. They say trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and we’ve built our reputation on it. As the best painting services in Olathe, KS, our commitment is unwavering. We invest in every brushstroke, ensuring your home tells a unique beauty and craftsmanship story.

Our skilled artisans, with meticulous attention to detail, are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Whether it’s an interior’s inviting warmth, the exterior’s stunning allure, or the transformation of your cabinets and redefining deck and fence, we transform spaces with creativity and finesse. Trust only the best to turn those dreams into living, breathing art.

Satisfied Customers

Our dedication to exceptional service has led to over 600 satisfied customers. At DC Painting KC, we prioritize client satisfaction, delivering high-quality, personalized results that meet and exceed expectations.

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Our 5-star rating is a testament to our consistent delivery of superior workmanship. We are proud to be recognized by our customers for our commitment to quality, professionalism, and outstanding customer service.

Years of Team Experience

With a combined team experience of 100 years, DC Painting KC possesses the expertise and knowledge to handle a wide range of painting projects. Our seasoned professionals bring proven techniques and industry insights to deliver top-notch results.

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Protect your investment against the South Kansas City elements.

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You’ll always know the status of your project.

Screened Professionals

Our professionals are trained to treat your house as if it were their own.

Licensed and Insured

We’re insured! Hire DC Painting KC with peace of mind.

Unrivaled Olathe, KS Professional Painters

Our professional house and commercial painters stand unrivaled in the heart of Olathe, KS, where innovation meets tradition. Our dedication to professionalism and our pursuit of perfection set us apart. When you invite us into your world, we bring a passion for precision, an eye for aesthetics, and a commitment to transforming spaces into works of art.

More Than Just House Painting

Olathe, KS Commercial Painters

In the bustling landscape of Olathe, KS, businesses thrive, and dreams take shape. Our role as Olathe, KS, commercial painters is to add color to these dreams. Our team of professional commercial painters is committed to enhancing your commercial property’s aesthetics, functionality, and appeal.

From exterior commercial painting that draws customers into interior transformations that inspire employees, we deliver results beyond paint. We are your partners in creating an environment that speaks volumes about your business values and aspirations. In Olathe, KS, businesses flourish, and we take pride in painting the success stories.

More Than Just House Painting

Cabinet Painters in Olathe, KS

Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets aren’t just storage spaces. They also reflect your style and taste. As cabinet painters in Olathe, KS, we specialize in turning mundane cabinets into stunning focal points. Our artisans meticulously craft each brushstroke, transforming your cabinets into works of functional art.

Whether it’s a fresh coat of classic white, a bold burst of color, or a subtle glaze for that rustic touch, we understand that your cabinets deserve a makeover that leaves a lasting impression. Let us unlock the potential of your cabinets, breathing new life and vibrancy into your Olathe, KS home.

You have painting questions, we have painting answers

These Are Some Of The Questions Your Olathe, KS Neighbors Have Asked…

The best painting company in Olathe, KS, combines professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations. They offer various services, from interior and exterior residential painting to commercial painting. Look for a company specializing in cabinet paintingepoxy floors, and deck and fence painting

For superior results, choose DC Painting KC. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality, ensuring that every brushstroke reflects quality and craftsmanship. When it comes to the best in Olathe, KS, trust DC Painting KC to bring your painting dreams to life.

The cost of interior residential painting varies depending on the space’s size, the project’s complexity, and the quality of materials used. For a more accurate estimate, DC Painting KC can provide a personalized quote tailored to your needs and preferences. Our professional house painters ensure that every dollar you invest in your interior space results in a stunning and long-lasting transformation. Call us for a FREE estimate.

Choosing the right exterior house paint color is crucial for enhancing the ROI of your home in Olathe, KS. Neutral tones like gray, beige, or soft blue often appeal to a broad range of buyers and can increase your home’s curb appeal. However, it’s essential to consider your neighborhood’s aesthetic and architectural style. 

For personalized color recommendations that align with your ROI goals, consult DC Painting KC. Our exterior residential painting experts understand the local market and can guide you toward choices that increase your home’s value and reflect your unique style. Call us now at (816) 327-9884 for a FREE color consultation

The ideal time to paint your deck and fence in Olathe, KS, is during the spring or early summer when the weather is mild and dry. This allows for proper drying and curing of the paint or stain. Avoid painting during extremely hot or humid conditions, affecting the finish quality. If you need more clarification about the timing, DC Painting KC can provide professional advice and execute the project efficiently. Our deck and fence painting services in Olathe, KS, are tailored to maximize the lifespan and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Yes, DC Painting KC understands the importance of minimal disruption to your business operations in Olathe, KS. We offer flexible scheduling options, including painting during non-business hours or weekends, to ensure your commercial space remains fully operational while we work. Our professional commercial painters are experienced in working efficiently and discreetly to meet your specific needs. 

Whether you require exterior commercial painting or interior transformations, DC Painting KC is your trusted partner in enhancing your commercial property. Contact us at (816) 327-9884 to discuss your project, and we’ll create a plan that perfectly suits your business hours and objectives.

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